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Presented in the form of timelines, NWS.One service will show information received from One.Platform in an easy and understandable form.
Using Machine Learning, the platform will be capable of self-learning and analyzing information flows, which will help to show hidden connections between obtained facts and historical background for their change. Also, based on that analysis, the platform will be able to create predictions for interesting events and data.
Those algorithms, joined with modern technologies, will allow to transparently filter obtained information from false facts, thus becoming a base to create an everyday tool for reading news, understand them, discuss and gain access for expert analysis and independent observers opinion.

Why do I need it?

NWS.One use cases

Project roadmap

- Machine Learning algorithm

- Information gathering algorithm

- UI and UX development

- Analysis and comparison algorithm

- Neural Network deployment

- Neural Network information sources analysis and ranking algorithms

- Internal economy development

- Mobile applications for iOS and Android

- Widgets for timeline sharing in social networks and blogging platforms

- API development to support 3rd party applications

- Advanced internal One.Blockchain

- One.Blockchain explore portal development

- Prediction functions development


ICO details

What is the NWST Token?

NWST Token is an internal NWS.One service tradeable token. This token can be traded for following services :

  • User profile upgrade to use advanced functions
  • To gain access to private timelines
  • Earn tokens by achieving “Oracle” status and providing services to other users
  • Use tokens to advertise your services via traditional advertising (banners and etc.)


Token symbol is “NWST”

Total NWST supply

1,500,000,000 (one billion five hundred millions) tokens will be supplied during the ICO. Unused tokens will be kept to be used by service.

NWST price

1 NWST = 0.05 US Dollars


PRE-ICO structure description

Pre-ICO tokens and funds distribution

Total tokens distributed at the Pre-ICO stage: 20,000,000
  • 65%

    Marketing expenses

  • 35%

    Legal expenses




Legal expenses

*all unsold tokens will be moved to distribution at ICO crowdfunding stage.

Bounty campaign

NWS.One bounty campaign pool is 2% of total tokens amount.
  • 5%

    Bitcointalk translation campaign

  • 10%

    Facebook campaign

  • 10%

    Twitter campaign

  • 10%

    NWS.One Bitcointalk thread support

  • 15%

    Bitcointalk signature campaign

  • 40%

    Blogging, news and other articles




Facebook Campaign


Twitter Campaign


NWS.One BitcoinTalk
thread support




Blogging, news
and other articles

ICO Listings

ICO Listings and ratings

We scored 4.2 out of 5 stars on Coin Delite ICO listing!

Check out our listing on FoundICO:


Technologies we are using

Here you can find a list of technologies One.Platform will benefit from. Some of them have a demo and you can check how advanced they are at the understanding information you input.



Vasile Budeanu


Software architect, business applications developer, SkySoft founder (Romania)

Oleg Budeanu


Technical Supervisor, Blockchain enthusiast. (Moldova)

Denis Palaiciuc

Devops Engineer

DotGov IT System Administrator, Devops engineer (Moldova)

Aaron Edell

Machine Learning Algorythms Expert

CEO and Co-Founder at Machine Box (USA)

Irina Dubinschi

business development manager

Researcher, Universidad de Deusto, PhD, lecturer (Moldova)

Tatiana Iascova

Community manager, Software tester

Business Projects Manager, Software Tester. (Moldova)

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